Get Top Dollar Returns at Ezy Scrap

Paying up to $9,999 for your scrap and unwanted vehicles, Ezy Scrap is ranked one of the best Cash for Cars company in Canberra. You are ready to upgrade your old vehicle or just want to get rid of a junk car, our certified and trained staff will come at your doorstep and haul it off for free, giving you instant cash in return.

We are top-notch professionals in the auto industry, offering fast and efficient services to our clients in Canberra. Ezy Scrap offers a way for vehicle owners to sell their unwanted vehicles in all of Canberra. Thanks to our own scrapyard, we are able to pay our clients up to $9,999 in instant cash. Salvaging every component of the vehicle, we make sure that our client gets the most value out of an unwanted scrap car.

We Offer Top Car Cash For Cars Service In Canberra

Focusing on convenience before anything else, Ezy Scrap has designed a business model that doesn’t require the clients to take time out of their busy schedule to sell their cars for cash in Canberra. All you need to do is make a single phone call to us or send your vehicle’s details using our online form. Our expert appraisers will then get back to you with an offer that would be impossible to say no to. You won’t need to do anything, as we will come to you with instant cash and perform FREE car removal. That’s right, we offer FREE Towing services when you book the cash for cars services with Ezy Scrap.

Cash for Cars in Canberra service has become one of the most famous services offered by the experts at Ezy Scrap. Thanks to over 15 years of hard work and consistent performance, we have managed to offer our clients a convenience-centred Cash for Cars service that is an absolute hassle- and haggle-free. We serve all the suburbs of Canberra and you will never find our staff haggling over the price. New to the town or is it your first time selling a used car in Canberra? You can our clients or read the testimonials online to learn more about our services from our clients.


We buy every make, model and brand

When you contact Ezy Scrap Canberra to sell your unwanted car to get instant cash, you don’t have to worry about anything but the cash that you will be receiving. Start planning what you will be buying from this new gold – a new car, maybe a new tech gadget? How about a summer trip? While you plan to spend the newly earned money, we will be focusing on salvaging the parts of your car. That brings us to the most-asked question – which brands and makes we accept. EVERYTHING. You own a truck or a car; it’s built by Toyota or Volkswagen, we accept every make or model.

Contact us today at 1800-553-753 to get an instant cash offer; you can also email us at